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March 21-April 20

"Aries are always ready for action, and they require a lot of activity because they love adventure!" says Ramachandran. "Green fragrances, like those with notes of green leaves, vines, and woodsy moss, alongside citrusy notes, bring out their impetuous personality and the sportiness of their pioneering spirit. When they wear these scents, they feel a sense of adventure and it makes them bubbly and vivacious. These scents remind them of the great outdoors and exploring new realms, which helps them to conquer their secret ambitions."

Notes: Green leaves, vines, woodsy moss, citrus


(+) Quick witted, dynamic, confident, enthusiastic, courageous, pioneering, energetic, adventurous

(-) Daredevil, fool hardy, impatient, impulsive, quick tempered, selfish

Arians are dynamic and passionate people whose personalities are best reflected with strong and fiery smells. So, a musky scent with warm top notes is a perfect fragrance choice for an Aries

Vibrant fragrances of rose, pepper, carnation, ginger, coffee, tobacco, leather and coriander also complement the adventurous nature of people born under this sign

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