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May 22-June 21

"A Gemini’s personality is changeable, from a mental standpoint. Since they have a dual personality, the Gemini may prefer single-floral fragrances like rose, honeysuckle, violet, lavender, sandalwood, and lilac, or fragrances with many notes of woods, moss, or spice. They’re two people, and you never know which twin will emerge. When they wear one of these scents, it brings out the witty, adaptable, and versatile sides of their personality, which makes them sparkle! Just apply a little perfume and you can expect anything and everything from a Gemini."

Notes: Rose, honeysuckle, violet, lavender, sandalwood, and lilac; blends that are woodsy, mossy, or spicy


(+) Lively, youthful, eloquent, intellectual, witty, communicative, versatile, adaptable

(-) Inquisitive, cunning, inconsistent, superficial, tense, nervous

People born under the twins prefer a sense of duality in their fragrances. They enjoy smells that are uniquely contrasting, but somehow smells good together

Notes of citrus, lavender, herbs (mint), hazelnut and sensuous combination of soft floral is what draws them and expresses them in the best manner

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