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September 24-October 23

"Libra is a sign of love and romance. Sometimes, a beautiful multitude of flowers with citrus is good, but they should also be open to musk and other sensuous essences found in oriental perfumes, which can bring out their beauty. When Libra wears these fragrances, their charm, elegance, and sophistication add a mystery to their allure. They become vampy, exciting, seductive, enchanting, bewitching, and sexy! When they wear sensuous essences, they can feel a rhapsodic moment of love for their sweethearts and can hold them spellbound."

Notes: Floral bouquets, citrus, orchid, rose, amber, musk, civet, ambergris


(+) Peaceable, idealistic, sociable, easy going, charming, romantic, urbane, diplomatic

(-) self-indulgent, flirtatious, easily influenced, gullible, changeable, indecisive

Always seeking balance in life, these idealists are attracted to harmonizing notes of green floral, especially galbanum and geranium. Delicate floral such as lily of the valley, violet, linden and mimosa are their preferred choices

A mild floral top note in their scent is something they can never resist

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