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April 21-May 21

"A Taurus' best scent is a floral bouquet that contains rose or fruity scents, and something green, like vetiver, a grass that has aromatic roots. Taurus is down-to-earth and old-fashioned, but also sensuous. It’s not a sexy sign like Scorpio, but it is sensuous, and when a floral perfume is balanced with an earthy base, like musk or amber, it gives them a romantic feeling. A Taurus longs for rolling hills, quiet countryside, and at night, a romantic mate they can enchant. When they wear these scents, they can marvel at the beauty of nature and be irresistible to their lover."

Notes: Floral bouquets with fruity and green notes, vetiver, amber, musk


(+) Security loving, placid, determined, persistent, loving, warm-hearted, reliable, patient

(-) Greedy, self-indulgent, inflexible, resentful, possessive, jealous

Mild and reserved fragrances suit the traditional and talented Taurans

Especially, earthy notes go well with the earth element of this zodiac. Oriental, amber, balsamic, vanilla and rose are notes that complement this particular sun sign

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